Health and wellness


From Monday to Sunday, Angélique, Fabienne and Valérie welcome you for a relaxing moment.

Do you feel like taking care of your body?


Ready to experience an unforgettable experience in an area fully dedicated to your wellness... Everyday, Angélique, Fabienne and Valérie welcome you for a relaxing moment by offering a personalized approach to meet your needs and wishes which make every treatment unique.


Dreaming of a massage with a view on the ocean?


Experience the smoothest sensations with our qualified masseuses for different types of massage and body care.

Our masseuses will help you to choose the most appropriate massage and will advise you for the best suited body care to meet your needs and wishes.


Among a large choice of body care, they offer you :


  • Head and shoulders care : invigorating massage performed in a sitting position to relax your back, shoulders, neck and head. It will relax your body and mind and reduce tensions and stiffness. The massage will improve your blood flow, relieve headaches and even improve your deep sleep. For more information, please visit Angélique’s Facebook page or her dedicated webpage : AUM Arc-en-ciel.


  • The Facial Massage is a complement to the head massage and is performed in a lying position. It will relax your face by reducing stress and tightness. It increases the tonus and cleanses your skin thoroughly.


  • The wellness Ayurvedic massage with warm sesame oil : this massage in a lying position gives you a deep relaxation and relieves any tensions in your body.


  • Awakening of the senses : a wellness massage for women which relaxes your mind and awakens your 5 senses.


  • Pink quartz massage / a star massage of the 5 body’s extremities (face, hands and feet)  A very relaxing and soothing massage that gives you a complete relaxation of body and mind by stimulating the extremities of your body.


  • Amma wellness massage : this massage is practised in a sitting position with clothes on. A massage of your back, shoulders, neck, arms and hands. An invigorating and relaxing massage that gives you instantly a feeling of wellness... For more information, please visit Fabienne’s webpage : ma coach nature.


  • Duo massage : Angélique, Valérie and Fabienne offer you a moment of relaxation and softness for two.






20 min session : 30 €

30 min session : 40 €

50 min session : 65 €

75 min session : 90 €